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Stepping Away From The ‘Pop’ Of Pop Culture

In The World But Not Of The World
In the devotional I read today from Thomas Merton he commented on an article he read in America magazine on the vernacular liturgy. In this journal entry of Merton’s from December 14, 1966 he writes; “If the Church wants to sweep the world like the Beatles….” After quoting the article Merton goes on to write; “With this kind of mentality, what can you expect? But I’m afraid that is the trouble. The Church is conscious of being inferior to four English kids with mops of hair (and I like them OK). More and more I see the importance of not mopping the world with mops”.

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Welcome To Fresh-Wind Ministires

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

Welcome to the new Fresh-Wind Ministries site. Please keep in mind we are in the midst of redesigning our website. Check back soon for updates of how to contact Dr. Rus and Pastor Sandra Jeffrey for ministry opportunities!


Dr. Rus