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Prophetic Word: Alive In The Spirit

Restoring The Past, To Move Forward In The Fullness
As we head into 2017 many words are coming forth about restoration, second chances and comebacks. All of these words are true and ring with my spirit. God is on the move and He is preparing to release blessings upon His people. I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying “the storehouses in heaven are full to overflowing and I am preparing to release the overflow into those who truly seek My face”.

There are other words coming forth saying it is time for the prophetic movement to really arise and for His prophets to arise and begin to prophesy. However, I have concerns that much of what we hear from the “new breed of prophetic people” revolves more around “prophesying current events”. God is not looking for people who merely prophesy current events. He is looking for a people to truly tap into His heart and declare what is on His heart. The Father’s heart is one of calling His people back to their first love.

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022716 Renown Endures Forever

Global Canada Training School
The Embassy – Oshawa, Ontario
Saturday, February 27, 2016

This word came at the end of the Global Canada Training School. 

Psalm 102:12-13
“But you Lord sit enthroned forever; Your renown endures through all generations. You will arise and have compassion on Canada for it is time to show favor to this nation. The appointed time has come”. 

For the Spirit of the Lord would say, “Know this day I have not only heard your cry but I put My Signet Ring stamp of approval on the strategies to go forth and claim the nation of Canada for Me. For know this day I have once again turned My eye toward Canada and I am a jealous God for this nation. Not only will My glory spread throughout the nation but I will claim the generations to come for Me and I have reclaimed the generations that have gone before. Those that have strayed will come back to Me as I release my grace on this generation and the generations to come”.